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The 6th of September 2019

At Emil Holms Kanal

CampusCup is

A relay racing and beer chugging in a friendly competition on water. It’s the Battle of the Canal!
The fundamental idea behind CampusCup is to celebrate the flourishing study environment we see everyday and to strengthen it even further by hosting a special regatta where, whether it be student driven volunteer organizations, study programs or just friends wanting to share a great experience, can compete against each other, testing their naval and drinking skills or just be a bystander enjoying the festivities. Competing or not, every student are in for an festive afternoon with entertainment, music and joy in general. Besides the apparent aspects of providing students of ITU and KUA with an afternoon in the name of celebration, beer and water, the young, but already well established organization also have a hidden agenda; to build bridges between people of different educational preferences that stretches longer than across the canal.

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