• First sailor gets in the kayak, when the Speakers yell GO; you sail away!
  • Sail out in the middle of the canal, around the flag, and sail to the platform on the other side.
  • Reach the platform, get up from the kayak and run towards the middle of the platform. A judge will hand you a beer. Now – DRINK!
  • Finish your beer, you hand it to the judge next to you. Run back towards the kayak, stop at the round red spot, and spin around 10 times. The judge will count out loud and tell you when you are done.
  • When you are done with your 10 rounds, Go back into the boat.
  • Sail around the flag again, before sailing back to the shore.
  • Get up on shore, and the next sailors hops in the kayak, repeating the above steps!

When the final sailor on one team hits the shore with their kayak, we have a winner!




1. Getting in the kayaks

The first participant may get in the kayak before the heat starts, but must remain at shore, with the kayak physically touching shore, until the Speakers have made the countdown. You may get help from your teammates when getting into the kayak. Fellow participants can help hold the kayak still, but CAN NOT GET IN THE WATER OR PUSH THE KAYAK FROM THE SHORE.


2. Sailing

The participant sails out from shore towards the flag at the side. The kayak MUST sail around the flag, and then head onto the platform on the opposite side from the starting point.


3. Getting onto the platform

The participant must get up on the platform with minimum help from the CampusCup crew in the water.


4. Drinking and spinning

After entering the platform, the participant runs towards the middle where a judge will pass a bottle of beer to the participant.

The participant must empty the bottle completely. It is NOT ALLOWED to shake the bottle in order to create more foam! The judge will decide when the beer is empty!

The participant hands the empty beer to the judge. Please – DO NOT THROW THE BOTTLES! You risk hitting one of the nice judges or fellow contestants.

After handing over the empty bottle, the participant must spin 10 times. The judge will help count down loud and clear, and tell when the participant is allowed to run back to the kayak. If the participant does not empty the beer or spin around the full 10 times, the judge can give out extra spins as punishment.


5. Sailing back

The participant runs back into the kayak. (CampusCup water crew will help hold the boat steady)

REMEMBER – The participant must row back around the flag and back to their teams.


6. Changing participant

The former participant that have just made it to the shore, can help the next participant to get into the kayak and hold the kayak still. But needs to LET GO when the participant is in the kayak and MAY NOT push them. It is ONLY the former participant that can help this way.


7. Winning team!

The winning team is the team, who’s the fourth member hits the shore (the area marked with the red carpet) with the kayak first!


8.Completion of heat

The heat is not done before both teams have finished.