General Info and Rules

The event day:

  1. All* the volunteers help each other set up the event and clean up afterward.
    *You are legally allowed to join a lecture.

Food and Drinks:

  1. CampusCup will provide you with food and drinks, before, under, and after* the event.
    *Until we are finished cleaning up
  2. If you have any allergies or food preferences, please contact us.


  1. You can drink beers from the VIP area during the event unless you are Sober!
  2. You can NOT share the volunteer/VIP beers with others not volunteering or participating.

Event Schedule

8:00 Breakfast & pre-event meeting
8:30 Set up everything for the event
12:00 Participants general kayak test & Sponsors begin to show up
13:00 The event begins!
13:45 Welcome speech
14:00 The battle begins (First stage heats)
16:00 Halftime show
16:30 Final stage heats
18:00 The event ends

Volunteer Roles

Your job is to get the participants in the water and going.
Your main concern is to brief them on the game rules, which roughly include:

  1. Teammates cannot push a boat to a start but are allowed to help their team member into the boat

  2. The team is allowed to help turn the boat around, once a member returns back

  3. They need to sail AROUND the flagpole/buoy

  4. Tell them what the rules are on the beer side “Run to the middle, chug a beer – don’t stop drinking until you’re told you are done – run back to the edge, spin around 10 times, and get in the boat”


  1. Stand behind the little wooden bench and wait for contestants to arrive.

  2. Always have all four beers for the heat opened and ready in front of you.

  3. When a contestant arrives, hold the beer out in front of you. They chug, NO SHAKING/SWIRLING,
    you tell them when they’re done, and you grab the bottle (we do not want any shattered glass 
    anywhere because they drop it !!!).

  4. Keep the bottle in your hand (don’t want to slow down the participants) and run with them to the marked area at the end of the platform.

  5. You count while they spin around 10 times. Yell “done”, “færdig”, whatever you feel like, when they’re done.

  1. Make sure people don’t drown.

  2. Flip the kayaks if they tip over.

  3. Turn the kayaks around, while the contestants are chugging their beer.

  1. Inform the contestants of the time slots they are competing in.

  2. It is your job that the teams are around the start/finish judges BEFORE their heat begins.

  3. Also, update the scoreboard, serve beer, and stock up.

In charge of maintaining what is happening on the screens, and updating brackets during the event.
The sound guys will most likely be able to show you how it works and we will provide you with a PowerPoint template/structure.

Your main purpose is to support other areas.

  1. Help solve problems that may arise,

  2. Potentially help with lunch/beverages for other areas,

  3. Solve issues at the sponsor booths and answer questions,

  4. Basically, be on top of everything.

Document the event by taking cool pictures or videos.

The sobers are the superheroes if an accident should occur.
You can be on a sober shift and have another role at the same time.
Note! You need to know CPR and can not drink alcohol (during the event) to be on the sober shift!

Make Facebook/Instagram stories during the event.

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