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What is CampusCup?

Established in 2014, CampusCup is a student-driven non-profit organization dedicated to planning and managing an annual one-day festival known as the CampusCup, traditionally held at Emil Holms Kanal and ITU!

The CampusCup Experience:
The centerpiece of the CampusCup festival is the kayak and beer-chugging race, a thrilling competition where 16 teams competes in a knockout-tournament. The race is conducted with safety measures and adherence to all relevant regulations.

Beyond the Race:
CampusCup is more than just the race; it is an immersive celebration that aims to create a carnival-like ambiance for all attendees. Alongside the main race, we curate an engaging carnival experience, featuring sponsor stands, interactive games, and various other entertainment options. Our focus is to provide a memorable and enjoyable day for both participants and spectators, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among all those in attendance.

Board members

Jack Kryger Sørensen


Nadja Brix Koch

Vice Chair

Benjamin Altenburg

PR Manager

Christian A. Hetling


Andreas G. Hansen

Lead of Sponsors

Anders Wagner

Sponsor assistant

Pernille K. Petersen

Sponsor and PR assistant

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